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BHES School Counseling Department Vision Statement

As a result of participation in Beech Hill Elementary’s School Counseling Program, students will students will S.T.E.P. into their most uniquely successful selves during their time at Beech Hill and as they grow and develop into their future college and career ready selves. Our school counseling program consistently and intentionally addresses the whole child and embraces individual differences. Our students will:

  • See themselves as life-long learners who enthusiastically accept challenges, courageously learn from mistakes, and develop resilience by overcoming setbacks.
  • Transform into influential leaders and resolute participants in the work force and community.
  • Exceed their personal, social, academic and career goals presently and into the future in terms of college and career readiness.
  • Possess skills, attitudes, and knowledge required for them to reach their greatest level of success in their personal development, relationships, and future careers.

BHES School Counseling Department Mission Statement

The BHES School Counseling Department will provide multi-tiered and multi-domain support to maximize student leadership, personal/social development, academic achievement, and career awareness through implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on the enrichment of the whole child.  School counselors will collaborate with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community agencies to help all students enjoy a positive and safe education experience. They will empower students through all-inclusive access to educational opportunities that will increase their worldview, grow them as leaders, and inspire them as life-long learners. 

School Counselors

One person with her arms down and smiling with a gray background

Jennifer Roland
School Counselor 4K, K-2

Shelby Smith
School Counselor 4K, 3-5